Great Indian restaurant in Las Vegas

If you love to eat great food, Las Vegas is definitely the place to be. There are all kinds of different restaurants here, which I have the great pleasure to enjoy, from all nations and for different pockets.

We just went to a fabulous little Indian restaurant called Namaste Indian Cuisine. This is where locals go. It is in a part of town that is a bit older than the rest, meaning that it looks a bit… “run down”. however, the food is just delicious. Melque was our waitres, and to our surprise, she was also the entertainment for the night. That girl can sing! she sang a couple of songs and then went off to serve again.

I highly recommend the Lamb Korma and the Chicken Tikka Masala. We also had, as an appetizer, Paneer Shashlik, which is a home made cheese and vegetable marinate. OMG, this little cheese was AMAZING!!! a combo between tofu and squeaky cheese.

So next time you want Indian food go to Namaste Indian Cuisine.

I give this place 5 stars


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