Craft: Vintage Tie Apron

Inspired by a post done in Smashed peas and Carrots, I decided to make vintage style aprons for my two little girls. The Apron shown in Peas and Carrots is done with vintage cotton fabric. My aprons are done with vintage fabrics too, My mother-in-law gave them to me from her 70’s closet.

Anyways, I decided that the original apron needed a little extra something so I made mine with a layer of very thin transparent vinyl that can be found at any fabric store. That way the aprons would last longer and can actually be used to protect their clothing from water and anything messy. My girls love them. Especially my littlest one who loves to wash the dishes with me. I bet I won’t be able to say the same thing in a few more years, LOL…sigh.

this is the apron from Smashed peas and Carrots
I made two aprons. The other one is at the beginning of the post
You can get a better look and the pattern for this apron at Smashed peas and Carrots. let me know if you make one too and how yours turned out.

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