Chile, a country with heart and surprises

I am from Chile. I was born and raised there until 1993, which is when I moved to the USA. I have only had the chance to go back and visit once since then. But, when I went, I felt that my country was really a beautiful place. The people are really warm and love foreigners. The north of Chile has the driest desert in the world, El desierto the Atacama; The Pacific ocean bathes its beaches; Down south is filed with lakes, rivers and volcanos; And the very south has penguins. Chile owns an area of Antarctica.

If you ever have the chance to go somewhere in South America, think of Chile. There is lots to do and see. If you are into sports, then Chile has something for you too.

So go, visit Chile, tell them Belle sent you.

San Pedro de Atacama

Torres del Paine

Easter Island


Andes Skiing


A traditional “CURANTO”. A hole is dug up and filled with hot rocks. Then a plethora of shellfish and meats are placed inside to be steamed by the heat and natural juices of the food. it is so flipping good!!!


All pictures copyrighted to their corresponding photographer and entities. Sorry, the only picture of mine is at the top.


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