Great Story: Music for children and a teacher

Mr. Sollecito was selected by Yahoo’s Ultimate Surprise to give him a music room at Howard Wood Elementary School.

Due to budget cuts in schools, through out the country, music and art programs have been almost eliminated. Many teachers have been left without work. Mr. Sollecito is one of those teachers who has a passion for music and is determined to teach it no matter what. He was forced to use strange places throughout the school in order to teach music once a week. The cafeteria or any other space available at the time. Ultimate Surprise brought in John Rzeznik, from the Goo Goo Dolls, to play his guitar and inspire children about music. He said “Music will always be there for you. It will always be your friend”.

Yes, this was a show but, the reality is that these children will be exposed to music in a great classroom. I wish more children could experience art and music for free at their local schools.


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