Travel: have you heard about

OMG, while reading my family Fun magazine I came across the most amazing article about a dreamlike place on the web called This website is AMAZING!!! it is made for those of us who love to travel and who love to get a little closer to the actual people that live in that country or area that we are visiting.

People, around the world, rent their homes for vacationers like myself. I can go to Rome, for example, and choose from a plethora of local homes or rooms around the area I wish to be by.

I’m so excited about this site. We are planning on doing a little Euro trip in 2014 and I have been stressing out a bit about money… 😛 hotels can be so expensive. BUT, thanks to this website, we can actually stay in the heart of Rome, in an actual house,  for $81 a night, if we wanted. you can choose a house for more than that obviously, but the possibilities are almost endless. It’s so cool!


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