Great Chef: The incredible Jacques Pépin

Have you ever felt like you understood something well enough to pass the information to someone else? Well, I do thanks to Jacques Pépin, the most incredible chef I know.

In the words of Julia Child: “Jacques Pépin is a man of bold and seemingly inexhaustible energy. He’s is author of several books, countless magazine and news paper articles, and hosts his own television programs. Not only a master chef but a master teacher. Jacques is dean of studies at the French Culinary Institute in New York. I highly regarded professional, instructor and lecturer in gastronomy in Boston University and is constantly teaching and demonstrating technical virtuosity. “when you are a professional cook” he says, ” You  become a good craftsman first. you repeat. and repeat. and repeat, until your hands know exactly what to do without having to think about it”.

I watch his shows in PBS, Essential Pépin and  Jacques Pépin Fast food my way, which I devour every time I get the chance to watch them. Pépin has taught me how to chop an onion correctly and faster (You cut in in half length-wise and leave the end untouched), the reason why you should dry out your meat before browning it (Too much moisture would not allow the meat to brown), How to tell if an asparagus is good to eat or too old (f you hold the end of one and it breaks off when bent more than a inch is too old), how not to be afraid of cooking shellfish (They open up when cooked. Discard any that do not open), etc, etc, etc…

These are some of the books to buy from an Amazon page made just for him

Essential Pepin: More Than 700 All-Time Favorites from My Life in Food

Fast Food My Way

Jacques makes other chefs tremble with fear. The respect attained from his colleges is so impeccable that no one ever doubts him. Ok, maybe his daughter, but she is not a force to be recognized. La Grand Bouffe: Jacques Pepin's Apple Tart

Essential Pépin: Easy and Elegant Seafood (Great youtube episode)


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