Princess Birthday Invitation

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Since the theme to my daughter’s birthday is “An enchanted Birthday”, I created an invitation that would go with the whole idea. This little magic wand was very easy to make.


Cardboard (for the star)
Curling ribbon
Thin Dowel
Hole puncher

Making the star

Draw as many stars as possible on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardboard. I used a cookie cutter as a template. Then draw curly-cues with glue. Drizzle glitter onto the glue and let it dry. Once it has dried out completely, cut out the stars. Cutting the stars at the end will allow you to have the glittered “curly-cues” all the way to the edges.

Making the wand

Choose a star and place it face down on a flat surface. Place top of dowel on top of the star and secure it with tape. Turn the dowel and star over. Congratulations! you have a wand. Now, to enhance it, cut out a desired length of curling ribbon and tie it once on the dowel. Make a hole on your invitation with the hole puncher. I found a little heart shape punch at Michael’s for $1. Then thread the invitation with the ribbon and tie a knot once again.

My invitation ended up being a small rectangle about 2.25″ x 4.25″. Of course you can make yours any size you like.

The invitation reads:
Once upon and Enchanted Birthday
Beautiful princesses and brave knights
Joined their hearts in celebration

A few alternatives on how to attach the invitation

  • Punch a hole on top and bottom of it and thread it with the dowel itself
  • Place it inside an envelope and insert the dowel through the “unglued” part of the flap
  • Make the invitation round and place it on the back of the star

I hope you enjoy making this invitation. Let me know how yours turned out.


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