Great Design: Cloned Video Animations by Erdal Inci

poi by Devrim, 2012. performed by Devrim Ekin Sahin , Sundance, Antalya.  

En Español

when I look around for inspiration I sometimes find the most amazing things. There are a few animated .gifs that Erdal Inci has made public on the net. Very interesting stuff. Apparently he has being experimenting with cloned video animations since 2004. I hope they don’t take too long to upload for you. Enjoy.

runner on the cliff , 2009. performed by Ogun Kekul.  video version : self with whippy stick , 2009. video version: Self with torch in Tunel Square , Istanbul , November 2012 skater in besiktas square , 2010 self in front of Laleli Fountain, Galata 2012 Fire staff by Huseyin in J-fest 2012 Sundance  


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