Great Artist: Bella + Bunny

PRINT / Cherry Blossom Girl / pink hair girl with bunny

En Español

I came across Bella + Bunny, Emma Bazan, work by a happy accident. I was captured by her use of color and line. I love how the composition of her works can be contained in an area and still feel free and fluid. Enjoy.

PRINT / Magnolia and beetles / girl with  teal and pink magnolia headband and beetles

11x14 Stella's Glowing fire

PRINT / Iris In the Afternoon / girl with rainbow leaf hair with butterfly

PRINT / Marigold's Butterfly Wing / girl with orange pink hair

PRINT / Dreamcatcher Art / Wolf/ Feathers

5x7 PRINT/ Wish we were butterflies

PRINT/  Robin's Reflection / girl with red robin, birds nest hair, blue eggs, green eyes

PRINT / Marina / girl with sailboat and octopus


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