Best Websites Ever


Designers, beware. What you are about to see will make your brain spin. There are so many AWESOME features in each one of these sites that you are going to  want to learn it all. Research away my friends.

So I have been wanting to create a more unique and interesting website for myself. I discovered MUSE, which is an ADOBE product which lets you create websites without coding. Very cool and easy to use if you are familiar with Adobe products. I guess I came in late into the game since this product has been around for a while.

Anyways, I then decided to look around for great websites that could inspire me. I AM IN AWE about the amount of talent and possibilities in existence out there. my mind is blown away! Granted, and most likely, these sites used programs and features I don’t know…but I wish I did. SO MUCH TO LEARN!!!!! (sigh) How fun!

Without much ado, here are the best websites I found:

1) Yul Moreau, Digital Art Director
This website is just crazy awesome. In a scale of 1 – 10, it is a 200. It uses movies, images and links to his creations that have no parallel. I’m sure that a great number of designers were behind every creation. Enjoy the awesomeness of his portfolio.


2) Steven Mengin, Digital designer
This guy’s website moves with your mouse! it follows the position of your mouse creating a ripple effect not like any you have seen before. His portfolio is extremely beautiful as well.


3) Melanie Daveid
Very envious of how she accomplished this website. I love the fluidity of the lettering but the way links work and how portfolio moves and reacts is incredible.


4) Christopher Lee, Illustrator

Raw talent! I love how simple the portfolio looks when in reality, its so much  FUN, I hate him!! LOL


5) Bjorn Meier, Product Designer

She creates beautiful work. Her portfolio site is amazing. Every link, though super horsy, takes you to a two dimensional world of scrolling.


You can see even more incredible website here.

If you have any comments about how any of these websites were made, please comment below. I am dying to learn! Thank you in advance!!


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