Belle Larsen Graphic Designer
Belle Larsen Graphic Designer

Hello Again!

My name is Belle Larsen and I am from Chile, so when you
talk to me  you’ll notice a beautiful accent, or so I’m told.
Currently I live in Las Vegas, NV and do graphic design work
for people around the world.

I have 16 years of experience as a professional graphic designer.

I got a bachelors degree from BYU back in 2001, and since I love design so much, I taught graphic design at college level for 7 years.

I love traveling and getting to know new cultures, specially through their food and people.  My kids introduce themselves to new friends as “travelers”, which I think its
pretty cool. Two little girls and a husband fill up my dreams.
After the birth of my second girl, I have dedicated my time to FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGN. My family and I love going camping and having fun together.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and some Italian.
I grew up learning French but I forgot all about it! Plop.

Please check out my website at abelledesign.com

Thank you for visiting, Have a creative day!

Belle signature ok



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