Mother and Freelance Graphic designer, what can go wrong?

I am a working mom, and as such I wish I could give you a detailed list of how to succeed on being one. I can only offer you my experiences. Being a working mother has never been an easy task. I remember my mother, back in Chile, working all day and walking home for about 2 miles after a 45 minutes bus ride. Tired, hands full of bags filled with food and work.


Now I am a mother as well. I have two little girls and a husband that fill my dreams. I worked as a graphic designer in AD agencies for about 12 years. Now I do freelance graphic design. I run my graphic design business from home. I wear all the hats one wears while running a business: accountant, PR, office manager, HR, office guru, cup of tea, dream maker, risk taker, etc… sigh.

Mother and freelance graphic designer, what can go wrong?

well, it turns out that plenty! My house is a mess, my kids are barely surviving and my husband takes what he can, poor guy. How do you keep a balance between work and home and family?

I can’t begin to tell you how messy my house is! I walk around it and squint my eyes so I don’t see all the piles of dishes, clothes unfolded, beds unmade, bathrooms mess, and all-around crazy living spaces. I have hired, ladies who would come and clean my house. IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT TO ME to pay someone to do my housekeeping job. If you know of someone in Las Vegas, I would love the referral ;).
I do what I can to clean my house a bit, but it is difficult to keep it clean when I am supposed to be serious about working. I pretend I am paying for an office space somewhere out there and come home at the end of the day, like every working person does. Cleaning my house has become second in my priorities. Sigh… my poor family.

I feel as if my kids are barely surviving. I made working hours for myself in order to establish structure in my day. I get up in the morning at about 6:15am. Shower, get dressed and wake up the girlies at 7am. We then fight about brushing their teeth (because apparently its always a surprise they have to do so) and getting dressed. We look around the house for clean socks. We have a box full of “lost socks” where we can look into when a pair is needed. I go downstairs and prepare their breakfast and lunch for school. Do their hair and off we go to school. I then come home, make my own breakfast and begin my work day. I usually stop working by the time they get home from school. I have been blessed with an awesome husband that has the ability to pick them up after work. It’s so nice. The ladies get home but there is no food on the table. I literally forget to make my own lunch sometimes, less alone make food for someone else. Then we fight about homework while my husband makes dinner, and then we get the girls ready for gymnastics and soccer. I do have to say one thing though, I have happy kids and that MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. My husband is a huge help too. I feel forgiven most of the time but it all goes away the next day, when we are looking for socks again.

My poor husband takes what he can. He picks up the girls from school and comes home, to a place where only the dog runs to see him. We say a quick hello with a quick kiss and off we go to homework and food time. My husband and I have learned to appreciate the time we get together. We lead such busy lives. Since we both work and have many church and family duties, our lives together are made of moments.  I would think this is true for any working couple. We were counseled to go out on dates at least once a month. We love those few hours we have together. We eat. We laugh. We talk about the girls. We have worked on getting friends. It might sound a bit silly but for us its huge! Its so nice to be able to talk to other adults, about their problems and joys.  We love our friends.

I have to say that I love being a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur. I wouldn’t change my life for anything. I feel stressed out because my house is a mess, my kids are barely surviving and my husband takes what he can while supporting me. Being a working mom is not a walk in the park. I have been working at my time management skills and learning about the business of graphic design.  However, I always keep one thing in mind, MY FAMILY IS FIRST.


How do you manage being a mom and a business owner? I really want to know! Please leave a comment below.

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Walk This Way!

Being a graphic designer has trained my eye to notice things most people don’t. One of the things I have been noticing lately, is the way a few mortals chose to walk. I notice them while driving, at the gym, having ice cream, etc…

Walk This Way!

Here are 4 ways of walking I enjoyed watching:

1) The Practice walk

On the way home from dropping my kids off at school, I saw this one guy practicing the way he walked. He was even talking to himself! So picture this: African American dude, wearing very low jeans, comb on the fro, white shirt and a black jacket, listening to something on his headphones. This guy was taking s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n steps while arching his right hand and arm over his left leg, and with the other hand, holding on to his pants for dear life… while tilting ever so slightly to his left. The guy was practicing his swagger! Oh my gosh, it was so fun to watch. He was walking S-L-O-W, slow, slow. I wonder if he was saying to himself, “yeah, this is how you do it man! Chicks DIG IT! I’m so cool and I’m so groovy when I go bom, bom bom!” I felt like the little pig that laughed all the way home. I can still see him in my head. Classic!

2) The Ridiculous Walk

I’m at the gym, walking. People are walking all around me, some are running, of course. and suddenly, out of nowhere, this man passes me on the right. He was speed walking! I know that those who exercise this way claim that it is very good for you. That it’s way better than running and walking… so why not combine the two? I’ll tell you why, because it looks ridiculous!  I tried to do it myself, and see if I could find joy in it…but… NOPE!  Speed walking was invented in the 70’s and THAT’s where it should stay! However, it looks like those who practice it, take it to the next level… the competitive one! Here is a dumb video to prove it.

3) Arched Legs

Now, this is self evident. its something that was not chosen or agreed upon. This old man was just born this way…Maybe?  Instead of making fun of this way of walking, I would like to concentrate on the difficulty of walking this way! It must hurt the joints I imagine.
My husband can attest to my pain. I don’t have arched legs but I do suffer from knee pain every once in a while. Well, Knee, back, neck, shoulder pain…. All the time, it sucks! So, I suppose I can imagine how painful having arched legs must be. I guess the man I saw became arched-legged with age? My husband tells me that this “Bowleg” thing happens as well to people who ride horses a lot. So, cowboys are just made that way.  LOL!

4) Old Woman with Walkman

One of the greatest joys in life, I find, is to listen to music. I listen to music all day long while working. So, it comes to no surprise, that many people enjoy life while listening to some good old tunes. Well, that’s exactly the case with the old woman and her Walkman. I haven’t seen one of those little wonders since the 80’s, when I was a kid.
For those of you little ones who don’t know what a Walkman is, it is the music playing box that Peter Quill, from Guardians of the Galaxy, listens to while zoning out. Anyways, there she was, in all her lose-spandex-leggin glory,  listening to her music. This old lady looked adorable! I wonder what she was listening to? Because whatever it was, had to be old enough to had come in a cassette tape.

How about you? Have you ever noticed anything peculiar in the way some people walk? I would love to read your stories.

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