4 things to have in mind when creating a great marketing piece.


It is often the case that a client would come up to me with a marketing “want“, but without a clear vision of what “they need” for their marketing piece to happen. This is absolutely common, and in my opinion, there is no need to panic and freak out, I am here to guide you.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind when creating a marketing piece:

1) Your audience: It is important to know who your audience is because that will determine the look, feel and text of your marketing piece.
To say, “my audience is everyone between the ages of 15 – 65” is not very helpful. You need to narrow it down; think about what your business has to offer to certain individuals. When thinking of an audience, I like to think of my family and how they would respond top what I created. My 18 years old nephew could care less about what his 48 years old mom likes.  Lets say a community center offers gym classes to everyone. Wonderful! however, if they want both my nephew and sister to attend, they will need to approach them separately. My sister would go for a flyer that uses a friendly image of a woman, modern colors and inviting text describing HOW it would help to attend their classes. For my nephew, all he would want is the social aspect of it with an engaging image of teens having fun together, use of modern color and application, and interesting text. Nothing too “Tubular”  because they’ll know the center is trying too hard.

2) Color Palette: Did you know that there are such things as modern and classic colors? feminine or masculine? Playful and serious? Now, when it comes down to a business, one has to learn to separate the personal from the business. You have to think in terms of your business, not you. Look around you, what do you see? I recommend going to the mall or local shops and see if you can determine who their audience is JUST by looking at their color palette. Take notes, take pictures, you are doing research. You found a color you love for your business, use it. (However, you cannot use Tiffany’s blue. They trademarked it). Here is a cool website that can give you a little insight on color palettes.

3) Text: or in design terms, “copy“. If you have been blessed with the talent of writing, use it. I’ll envy you. if you are just like me, then there are two ways you can go about it: Get feedback from someone you trust OR use a copy writer.
I am from Chile, a beautiful country in South America, so English is my second language. Expressing myself eloquently comes with challenges. I know a couple of copy writers that are just so … beautifully clever. Words flow like honey when they write. its impressive and worth every penny for a marketing piece. I wish I knew how to write well. I have many talents but writing is not one of them. I’m not that clever. I always say “I’m not a writer but I can make your stuff look amazing!”

4) Deadline: yep, you need to know when you need your stuff IN HAND, printed and ready to distribute to the masses. The best way to do this is working a backwards timeline on your calendar. Look at the date you want your stuff in your hands. Now, looking back on the days of the calendar, take into consideration that a printer will need at least one week to print. Two, if you want to be nice and have a “cushion” for mistakes and such. Then, talk to a designer, like me, and work out when your piece needs to be at the printers, see options from your designer on your marketing piece and when the designer needs things from you, such as copy, images, etc… Deadlines are beautiful. I especially love them when the go “woosh” right pass you. 😀

Woohoo, now you’re on your way to marketing greatness. By having these 4 things in mind: audience, color palette, text and deadlines, you will be on your way to creating a great marketing piece. Best of luck and contact me if you need me.

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