ART & Dine in Las Vegas

I know what you were thinking this morning, you thought, “Belle, how can I make the month of June more fun for me? I wish you knew how.” Well, I do! Come join me for an ART & DINE at Rachel’s Kitchen Restaurant on June 5th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. You will get to create something unique you can take home and brag about… for years to come. We will be painting with acrylics on canvas. Ages 12 and up are welcome. No experience necessary, just your willingness to have fun!

Also, don’t miss ART CAMP for this summer. Kids 5 yrs. old and up can sign up.

8.5 x 11 poster


Arts and Crafts: July 2013

We had a blast during July. We explored the artists Eric Carle and Paul Klee, as well as line and form. The kids were so excited to participate and are very much looking forward to my August class. We will be focusing on Picasso, one of my favorite artists, as well as line and form. There is just so much to learn about it.

Here are a few examples of what we did during our July class:

The little kids created these caterpillars and butterflies using their hands body and wings. We used tempera as medium.

Little painted hands created these cute little guys.
Little painted hands created these cute little guys.
Painted tissue paper
Painted tissue paper
Painted tissue paper
Painted tissue paper
Painted tissue paper

SAM_2567 SAM_2568 SAM_2569 SAM_2570We created our own patterned paper a la Eric Carle. You do this by painting tissue paper and then cutting the paper out to create a picture. It was so much fun. After words, we made either bugs or animals. I have very creative students. SAM_2576 SAM_2577 SAM_2578 SAM_2579 SAM_2580 SAM_2584 SAM_2615SAM_2618  SAM_2620 SAM_2623 SAM_2625 SAM_2626 SAM_2628

Great Artist: Jovi Schnell

Pictures courtesy of Meighan O’Toole

En Español

When I first met Jovi Schnell, I found her incredibly interesting and became, on the spot, one of my favorite people. She is an artist who interprets the world around her in a very diagrammatic way. I love her color palettes as well as her simplistic chaos.

Jovi has been featured in many galleries around the country. She works on paper, panels, cut outs and murals. As of late, she was asked to create a mural for the US embassy in Belgrade, Serbia. She currently lives in San Francisco.